Enhance your students’ understanding of math.

Help students in grades 1-8 learn mathematics with the online M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Lesley University. Our program covers operations of arithmetic, number theory, algebra, geometry, and probability, as well as mathematics instruction. You’ll be able to connect and apply your advanced mathematics knowledge and apply it to classroom practice. And you’ll study in a convenient, fully online environment with experienced faculty and engaged peers.

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Program of Study

2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalog

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.
Required Courses (33 credits):

Course Type Credits
CMATH 6107 Constructing Mathematical Understanding: Number and Operations 3
CMATH 6108 Constructing Mathematical Understanding for Number Theory 3
CMATH 6109 Functions and Algebra I: Building Mathematical Understanding 3
CMATH 6110 Functions and Algebra II: Broadening the Base
CMATH 6111 Geometry and Measurement I: From Polygons to Pythagoras 3
CMATH 6112 Geometry and Measurement II: Circles, Symmetry, and Solids 3
CMATH 6113 Probability: The Mathematics of Uncertainty 3
CMATH 6114 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
CMATH 6115 Concepts of Calculus: Change and Infinity 3
EEDUC 6154 Meeting Diverse Needs in the Mathematics Classroom 3
EEDUC 7121 Assessment Issues in Mathematics: Summative and Formative 3

Faculty Spotlight

Jayne Bamford-Lynch

Adjunct Professor

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Rita Gordon


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Tuition is $610 per credit hour.

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  • Official transcripts
  • A personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation

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