Online Design for User Experience Courses 2016-2017

ONLINE COURSES 2016-2017 College of Art and Design

Term I: September 6 – October 30
Term III: January 23 – March 19
Term IV: March 20 – May 14

All courses 3 credits.

User Experience


October 31 – December 23

This course will provide students with a basic understanding of Typographic principles and usage. Students will study letterforms, typefaces, type identification, classification, nomenclature, and basic type use. Design exercises begin with letterforms and spacing, and follow with use of text in simple groups to study typographic arrangement, hierarchy, contrast, expression, and readability.

User Experience 1

January 23 – March 19

This course will provide students with an overview of User Experience (UX), design methods, and the role of research in designing for user experience. Through assignment, lecture and discourse, students will engage in an industry-modeled process, including research, team/collaboration, stakeholder interviews, sketching, diagramming, and presenting. Students will experience various methods associated with producing design deliverables within the context of real world practice.

User Experience Research Methods

March 20 – May 14

This intensive 8-week fully online course introduces students to quantitative and qualitative research methods specific to user experience design. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to uncover the needs, behaviors, and motivations of individuals as it relates to their interaction with a product or service. This course teaches various models to create empathy and design for human interaction. Students will create hypotheses, test assumptions, and analyze results from user interviews, usability testing, user journey- and empathy mapping. By the end of this course, students will be able to create user personas, and refine content based on user feedback to make recommendations for the design of products and services. Team-based work and collaboration is emphasized throughout the course. (On-campus students please note: if this course is not listed as a requirement or choice in your program it will only count as a “general elective;” not as a studio elective nor as a design major elective.)

Drawing for Interactive Experiences

May 15 – July

Experience mapping is a strategic process of visually diagramming and communicating complex user interactions. This introductory course teaches the fundamentals of drawing and mapping user experience diagrams. Course will cover various types of diagramming (such as decision trees, user flows, hierarchical structures, matrices and isometrics) for mapping interactive experiences. Students will be introduced to a variety of media in the process of researching, sketching and designing clear and articulate narratives for user experiences.

Information Architecture

July 10 – September

Introductory course involving the concepts, methods, and procedures of information architecture focused on managing information complexity towards accessibility and understanding by an audience. Sensitivity to the relationships of form and content in complex and dynamic systems of information will be emphasized. Major topics include organization, navigation and labeling. Through assignment, lecture, and discussion, this course will address the issues of research and content analysis, selecting and editing, organization, and thus the visual dissemination of representing complex information in context to static, dynamic, and interactive media.

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